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Dual tandem axle tilt bed construction trailer (at Riche yard in Greeley)

Gooseneck trailer with drop down ramps and gooseneck hitch (at Ritchie Bros yard in Greeley in error)


Cool knick knacks and stuff eg garden tractor thingy that cruises around while you have a hose hooked up to it

Quantity of Granite Boulders average (18″ to 48″) (D/50 average 31″ 2198 tons min offer $21/ton

Quantity of Granite Boulders average (23″ to 78″ dia avg) (D/50 average 48″ 3540 tons estimated min bid $35/ton

Hammering is available (narrow window) to reduce size LOT B in boulders

Unprocessed raw RAP tear out (very little petromat) (awesome natural oil content 4-4.32%) retained. go to town this Nov Jeffco and give your guys something to do estimated quantity in pile 3730 CY (at $1.39 tn/LCY convert) min bid $ 2.27/TN (well run it over the scale you haul it)

Onsite 2000 gallon off-road fuel dyed diesel fuel storage c/w

3-3209a REED D-150 CD portable screening plant; pretty good shape. it looks like its got about an 1-1/2″ square opening on it right now. Id give it a 6.5/10. the paints a little faded but youll live

3-3209b DOLLY for toting the Reed screen-all over the road. The screen all is pretty stout. The dolly sure helps. But heads up it is sold as a separate item

geotechnical fabric / erosion control netting