Products List and Location in Yard

All stone, sand and rock products are sold by the ton. Topsoil, certain mulches and flow fill (call ahead) are sold by the CY. Cubic yard determinations are made according to the Shaffers staff who have the final determination in evaluating CY quantities; we offer a handy calculator for clients to estimate project volumes, quantities and coverage for each of the products that are planning on using. Contact us with questions. We are friendly, responsive and very knowledgeable and can promptly handle all your issues.

The Shaffers Facility (#4404) is zoned and approved for the operation of a concrete batching plant and or an asphalt plant. Concrete is not always available at this site.

All products are indicated here using their inventory stock control #. This way our clients can easily cross reference the stock # with pictures which you can view here, in addressing any questions they may have about our products, color or size.

  • 2003 – 3/4″ (#67) ASTM DOT specification crushed gray gravel   
  • 2008 – 1-1/2″ ASTM DOT SPecification crushed grey gravel
  • 2004 – 1″ (#57) ASTM DOT specification crushed grey gravel
  • 2007 – Vehicle tracking control (DOT Non Spec avg. 1-1/2″ to 4″ nominal size)
  • 2005 – Class VI ABC (roadbase)
  • 2015 – Class V ABC (Cl. VI Special ABC) (roadbase modified with a coarser 7/8″ aggregate) as available – we also offer plasticity adjustments and other modifications to large volume contracts for the convenience of our clients



1-1/2” ASTM DOT specification crushed grey gravel                                                          1” (#57) ASTM DOT specification crushed grey gravel                                                       

Vehicle tracking control (DOT non spec avg 1” to 4-1/2 inches)                                                   

Class VI ABC (road base)                                                                                                              

Class VI Special (road base with 7/8” minus) (when available)                                                     

8” avg (D/50 avg. 2” to 18”) rocky surge                                                                                  #4 (1/4” avg.) grey crusher fines                                                                                      

Unclassified fill (call on availability)                                                                                          


Type M riprap D/50 avg 12” (Specification avg. 4” to 21”)                                               

Type H riprap D/50 avg 18” (Specification avg. 6” to 29”)                                                 Type VH riprap D/50 avg 24” (Specification avg. 8” to 32”)                                       HANDPICKED riprap (some restrictions – see website


  1. ZUNI©2019 Grey ‘rippled effect’ boulders
    1. D/50 avg. 36” (avg. 12” to 42”)                                                                   
    1. D/50 avg. 42” (avg. 18” to 50”)                                                                   
    1. D/50 avg. 60” (avg. 24” to 96”) UDFCD OVERSIZE2                             
    1. ‘Architectural’ Pieces SOLD Per Each – POR                                          ‘Holy Smokes’©2019 SOLD Per LB                                                              145 each
    1. Waterfeature stone, undulating, linear rippling –  PER TON2          
  2. MOSSROCK Ranchland ©2019 SOLD PER EACH –                                                                
  3. Volcanic SCORIAE Architectural Pieces SOLD PER LB                                         
  4. Assorted unclassified Red/Pink IMPORT (as available) Sold Per TN –       

RECYCLED3 – yard stockpile

5/8” minus RAP Product (when available) Per TN Approx. 3790 tons UN.CRUSHED (scheduled May 2019)


IMPORTED FILL – stockpiled in yard (call on availability)

Unclassified embankment (see restrictions on warranty for use etc.)                      178 tns

BIN PRODUCTS (All products held in bins)


“Sunrock”©2019 (from Discovery TV series ‘Gold Rush’© show mine) (D/50 avg 2” to 6”) 20 tns

¾” round washed pebbles (D/50 avg ¾” nominal)                                                                              44 tns

2” round washed high country (D/50 avg 2” nominal)                                                                      39 tns

2” – 4” washed cobble                                                                                                                                   89 tns

4” to 8” washed glacial cobble                                                                                                                      78 tns

6” – 24” washed glacial cobble (D/50 avg. 10” may have oversize)                                                14 tns 


ASTM C33 washed sand                                                                                                                                75 tns

Masonry sand                                                                                                                                   BACKORDERED

3/8” orange washed pea gravel (When available)                                                                                11 tns

3/8” (D/50 avg. 3/8”) washed crushed grey pea gravel                                                    BACKORDERED


Screened Amended black Topsoil Per CY                                                                                               45 CY

Screened amended 3-way Compost per CY                                                                                         12CY

Rough Black unscreened Topsoil per CY (as available)                                                                        0


¾” Recycled Asphalt Base Product3, 4 – call on availability                                                                 0

5/8” recycled concrete base – as available                                                                                            17 TNS