Is it true youre runniNg for sheriff?

I have to say I am not running much of anywhere, but

Yes, I plan on being the next Sheriff in 2022 for Jefferson County, in the great State of Colorado . And I am confident that I will make a very good sheriff, that I have the skills, character, and authority necessary to appeal to a broad sector of the voting public. I believe I can bridge the gulf that has been developed arising from the actions by our current leadership, and its patent failures, its inability to be accountable, either to itself or to the people it serves. There comes a time when you simply have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say, OK this is where we are at, what are we going to do to repair it. The current level of deception and dishonesty through the entire administrative enclave at the County and elsewhere is in danger of becoming an entrenched culture. More than ever now, we need strength, we need leadership and we need authority and compassion. I have that unique blend. I have the vision necessary to see with clarity the way forward, and I have the wisdom to know that I cannot do this alone, nor should I try, and moreover, that I am not always the best person to answer every question. But I am ready to rout the rampant ‘Lord of the Flies culture’ that has managed to find its way into the heart of once of the preeminent law enforcement agencies in the County. I am ready to listen to the men and women who carry the responsibility and duty they are charged with every day into the field. I have the strength, the fortitude, and the courage, necessary to make the tough decisions, the right decisions, the decisions that will allow us to rebuild, to re-emerge and to restore.

Juliet M, August 2020

I can’t leave now so I may as well find something to do and its abundantly clear that things have gone very far South (corruption). A LEO agency is a serious position with the single purpose and intent of ensuring fair free and impartial enforcement of the applicable legal authority pursuant to statute and the prevailing standard of Law. It is not a personal bodyguard. It is not the cheering section to enforce boot strap style tactics and pursue ones own personal agenda against a private citizen. Using the full weight and authority of ones solemn office in order to bully people is, in my opinion, pathetic. It undermines the publics confidence in the office. If there are two tiers of enforcement, one that allows the wealthy and well connected to skate, on any type of infraction from the most minor to serious and severe, and at the same time comes down like a ton of brinks on your average business owner, middle class Joe, simply because neither he nor an elected official got along the night before and as a result the elected official got spanked and got a DUI a roadside sobriety and an UBER somewhere, the point is, that in inequitable, its unethical, and in inordinately short order, the entire stack of cards fails very quickly. There are very good reasons why Founding Fathers sought to expand on and moreover ‘contain’ certain liberties and freedoms. They are rational and carefully given the weight of ‘what if’. The bottom line is we have to assume some level of personal responsibility. If you or I skate on every single thing we do, simply because we are exceptionally well connected and have bought the local District Court Judge a golf membership at a swanky club for a year, then we prove two things; (1) we have proven that we have a raging contempt for the Rule of Law (standard of Review in terms of current accepted caselaw together with the dogma in the accepted interpretation of statutory regulations, any expectations thereto, etc. (2) that contempt extents to the very people and population under whom we have arisen to the position we hold today (so we owe them our fucking job) and it it pretty dystopian to purport to be both serving and committed to a set of standards, and at the same time, flaunting those. Its arrogant.

Do you want some arrogant bastard with a Napoleon complex overseeing your every move, under whose complete automoy and authorithy you are forced to be subject to his slightest whem. Who knows what an egotisitical little sod like that wants from day to day. Or do you prefer that the law is enforced with a predictable degree of impariality, that you dont have to woneder if you havent slipped the right people enough dough to grease the wheels. If that behavior is acceptable to me, dont vote for me, becasue I am going to run those corrupt sods out of town. Its that straightforward. By the same token the bulk of the officers are ctually very good officers who I believe, have their priorities straight. Theose men adn women risk their lives every day. Its been said so many times before, but it has to be sickening and frankly demoralizing to sue your own boss to ensure that you are receiving an extra $.32 to 1.21 /hour and then be denied at the appeallate level anyway, adn be forced to return to always feelig that you got ‘took’ a little, by someone wjpho moved the words around just enough in a manner that was deceptive dan slightly dishonest, to get you to do the qork you do for some $0.65/hour less than expected. That is the definition if insantity

When was the last time you were shot at for a living?

Ive been shot at. Its not nice. Ive been an EMT Basic at SAC in teh ER on swing shift on Friday adn Sat night (true story). I have been in other places also and seen some pretty grim stuff and sat beside men and women as tehy were falling apart under the weight of wht athey were enduring.

Sorry but the County just aint that fucking broke. Not if they can affort to spend the kind of capital theyve exhausted in their efforts to smear and mischaracterize me and saddle me with baseless or vexatious complaints. So No. I dont buy that. Not at all. Up until the outrageous intereference by persons within the County adn elsewhere, I was running a very sucecessuful business and was well on my way to securing the most difficult permit in teh State of colorado (not approved since 1978). Persons under the cloak of anonymity, using the legal system as a tool to encumber destroy adn harm myself adn my family, delibereately interferede intentionally with my companys, their activities, preclusing me from recovering monies, adn thus shutting off cash flow, adn denying payment that was pending and due, forcing taxes on property for which they have no lawful authority to pursue(conversion as a tort), and on adn on adn this was done as a means of retaliating against me since I called out a number of folks who were manifestly breaking the law, including I have to say Sheriff incumbernt Jeff Shraeder. He knows he is busted, so do these other guys. Its easier to slur and defame me hoqwever, than own up to the harm / (mmistake?) so in addition to being about as crooked as you can get, they are con artists, they are perpetrating a fraud on you, adn me, and everyone, hoping they will get away with it given their priviledge adn their access to power.

That’s unacceptable to me. That is a very slippery slope. There may be exceptions but they are painfully few. And furthermore I dont want a fucking coward in charge overseeing any enforcement against me, since I am fully aware that what he will do at is start slimy, underhand and in accurate rumors, seek to sway judicial opinion any way possible, and employ other dishonest, nefarious or underhand tactics.

This is not grade school . Grow up idiot. This is the United States of American adn youre a law enforcement officer adn a very senior politician with some extraordinary power, but , as Ive said, with great power comes great responsibility.

If all this boils down too is a popularity contest then we might as well have cartel leaders running our law enforcement agencies since there is no difference at all, none, between their actions and those of senior government and county officials stained with the mark of their corruption

Just my opinion



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