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COMING VERY SOON Property in Bailey Colorado

$1200/month. Security and last month. Pet deposit upon approval. Lots of cedar, sunlight and charm. This is an exquisite, charming property, awesome for retired or seasonal, small family or single person. Not recommended for large family. Close to school and transportation. Available also as short term or unique situations. Please contact to discuss. Extra charges may apply. Also available as a purchase – Owner will carry .

AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2020 Rare 10 AC I3 Parcel Conifer CO

Prequalified Only / POR. All Brokers must disclose clients

Note: Please do NOT contact the former owner regarding this asset. This has been subrogated and is under alternate titleture

CJ (chaque Jour) Property Options

  • Real Estate Rentals –
    • Industrial Commercial zoning – rare opportunity
    • residential vacant land
    • residential single family
      • horse property
      • ski-in ski-out condos
      • temp or long term overseas:
        • Dubai, UAE, Gulf States, India, Korea, Indonesia, Tokyo, HK
        • also European/ Mediterranean professional business suites available: Paris, Istanbul, Milan, Oslo, London, Dresden, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ukraine
          • concierge services available
          • extra security, safe deposit or repositories, special requests accommodated including proximity to high speed transport, rail, aircraft, advance service and helpful knowledgeable staff with easy access to exceptional resources
    • residential multiple family
      • long term retreats in Sardinia, Malta and Greece. (2 to 6 months, may incur additional surcharges)

VERY short term ‘ESCAPES’ are available.

We are bitcoin and other financial transactional instrument friendly

OPTIONAL secure transport/storage for specialized items overseen by uniquely qualified persons with expertise in raw or rare minerals, mining, art, archaeological pieces, biological samples, or other. Our clearing house in Berne Switzerland offers the ultimate in discretion in filing, transfers, asset appraisals and more.

PLANNED: state of the art preservation vaults, South America Canada and the Mediterranean offer security at a multi generational level of confidence that cannot be found elsewhere. These chambers are accessible by only the vault holder, are humidity and vibration sensitive, may be retrofitted with a mag-lev dampener to further neutralize any potential ground waves, acting as an accumulator. Primary and secondary ventilation, together with a double redundant backup power supply and geothermal options, dust collection ante-chamber that literally drops contaminants out, and an ultra violet sweep and proprietary biologic and other electronic agent ‘sniffer’; ideal for storage and repairs of ancient documents, research projects, irreplaceable multigenerational family documents – because there re some things you just cant put a price on

Certain concierge staff may be confusing at first to hose less familiar with overseas customs: just because they can can speak two or three languages fluently doesn’t mean they will. Some just wont. They are usually French. For that we apologize – Chaque jour