HICKENLOOPER Senate Race 2020

So good luck today in the primaries John – you must have pretty thick skin given the thrashing I’ve taken from your friends at JeffCo, El Pomar and elsewhere trying to knock you out of the Senate Race and keep Cory in there. Lets face it – you would’ve made a lousy president. How do you sleep at night ? you just destroyed teh largest mining opportunity the United States has seen in over 50 years. RedeX offered a buffer against out of control inflationary spending and teh very first green mining operation thatthe world has ever seen . Yep – it actually cut the carbon footprint significantly adn reduced platform emissions in your non attainment area youre always bitching about. And what about the fact that you are shoveling critical strategic reserves at your friends with the French accent as fast as you can go – you have some splainin to do my friend

Certified Disadvantaged Material/ Services Supplier & Contractor

Elk Creek assists General Contractors and Primes in meeting mandatory set aside goals on federally funded projects as a tier 1 or tier 2 (or 3) contractor by providing materials and services on projects. This is done as we source a variety of products including

  • tile
  • subgrade products, materials, aggregates, rock, stone, boulders, raw materials, mined materials, pebbles, washed rock, cement treated products and asphaltic products and grout
  • concrete and reddimix supply (manufacturer, dealer)
  • generators, power plants, power distribution systems, ATS, panels, switchgear, etc., (suspended)
  • weapons, weapon systems, retrofit armoring and related, ballistic devices, shock systems and ammunition, explosives, detonation systems, anti personnel devices, and anti personnel device removals and decommissioning, launching systems, personnel protective devices, breathing apparatus and some specialized diving gear, garmin devices, various electronics as related to specialized targeting systems and so on under NAICS codes for which we are authorized to act as an agent
  • avionics under specific NAICS codes for which we are authorized to act as an agent
  • forestry where approved under authorized NAICS codes
  • crushing processing, screening, pulverizing, decommissioning, and related machinery or equipment under authorized NAICS codes (crushing)
  • machinery associated with mining, loading, excavating, sitework, levelling, hauling and related
  • aviation (aircraft supply) (limited) pursuant to approved NAICS codes for which we are authorized and advanced aviation design

We can participate in the following activities under our authorized work codes in order to ensure compliance with mandatory set asides on behalf of agencies, primes, general contractors and others

  • crushing and screening, including virgin and recycled materials
  • demolition, removals, tear out and haul off and disposals including some hazmat
  • mining activities, including but not limited to reclamation, greenfields development, raw materials production, aggregates & gravel production, frac sand mining, specialty materials mining riprap production, washed rock, chip production, mine development, benching and mitigation of dangerous conditions, regulatory compliance and other reclaim conditions, aggregates logistics, distribution and hauling
  • hand rail production and installation
  • excavation to include overlot, subgrade, road development, decommissioning, subgrade utilities, site prep, site clearing, site development, etc.
  • trucking and hauling

Spring is coming….

Life in the cone zone (attrb 2011)

…and you know what that means….the construction season is just around the corner. Let’s give the brave men and women who build our roads and maintain our highways, a break. Remember to slow down in construction zones, and be patient with the flaggers. They keep the infrastructure we all rely ready for you and I everyday.

Thank you

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