How we got started

Sometimes the biggest dreams have the smallest beginnings; Elk Creek was a lot like that in the beginning. The Owner and founder was at a crossroads in her own life, and often found herself reconciling her thoughts by driving miles and miles at night and as those miles passed, the dreams started to coalesce.

Shaffers Crossing was an intersection she had passed many times.

The possibilities in the strikingly beautiful stone, mostly obscured in the rubble and debris, became obvious and the potential started to reveal itself.

The revelation was compelling – sometimes the most obvious opportunity is right there in front of us, and we are looking so hard for something else, we don’t realize that something breathtaking is right there already.

From a one-woman operation to today’s busy commercial facility, Elk Creek can deliver not only premium, highly desirable clean aggregates from Shaffers Crossing or a number of any other locations throughout Colorado and elsewhere, including our sister company in Alma, but we continue to grow and flourish under our DIVERSIFIED wing as a Certified Disadvantaged Contractor delivering services and supplies including concrete reddimix, aggregates, pedestrian railing and bikeway railings, generators, ATS and back-up power supplies, fiber optic cable installs and supplies and of course, aggregates, riprap, portable crushing, topsoil, sands and the best in stone and gravel anywhere.

We are known for giving intelligent solutions to even the most complex crushing conditions, reviewing environmental and end-user road considerations in order to accommodate optimal maintenance considerations and more. Our bases can be engineered to provide optimal bearing capacity performance standards under the most rigorous conditions and we are considered experts by road and bridge, military and many other federal and municipal contracting and procurement personnel – we don’t simply deliver the road materials – we deliver something you can build WITH and ON.

Elk Creek Companies (ELK) under our parent brand, continue to expand, serving multiple states and delivering with a confidence and reliability that is unmatched to our clients in the Federal Service arena, military installations, bases, National Parks, municipalities, County Government and right here at home.


Today Shaffers Crossing is under-going changes of its own, and we are breathing life into the crucible of a new project that promises to change the way aggregates are developed on a global level. Its called Redemption. (Red-Ex). But more on that later.

I guess today I am more than ever, grateful for the opportunity I was given, no the choice that was handed to me, more than 27 years ago, when revelation became redemption, and from that grew my commitment to ensure that every project or job our corporation engages in, from fledgling to full-sized or federal,  will be handled with decency, professionalism and expertise, but more than that, will be handled with a personal dedication knowing that from something tiny can be built great things.