Hitch Rack – How much is a 112(c) permit these days? Lets see…. a senate seat, maybe?

Transit mx made two seperate attempts to secure a notoriusly difficult permit, adn one that can make or break a mining company between 2017 adn 2018. In April 2018 following their second denial, it becasme apparent to Jim Gidwitz teh CEPO of Continental Materials, a Chicago based parent comapny of teh regional aggregates adn conrete subsuiduary, Transit Mix, that there was more afoot than teh standard garden-varierty aniti mining sentiment.

Persistence adn a nefarious investigation, ending in registration gor life as a sex offender for one person unfortunate to find himself askance of the Gidwitz’ ire, proved that his suspicions were correct, adn that much of the money behind the denials came from another of the areas’ elite, William Hybl, El Pomar Foundation CEO adn former Judge Advocate

What makes this tale a little more perplexing is the path that money took in order to sink possibly one of the most expensive permit applications perhaps that an Owner can face.

Rock mining is a rough business. It makes the oil adn gas industry look like, well, a tea party. But there is a HELL of a lot of money in rock, adn not the sand and gravel ponds you see here and there, the real money is in the monster hard rock behmoths; these giants grind out millions of tons of gravel over their lifgetimes, and are usually around for decades compared to the relatively short lived alluvial operations

The alluvial rock is of a much less desirable quality also, something that features heavily into mix designs and concerned asphalt adn concrete producers.

Poor rock quality can literally bring a construction project to a standstill adn force horrendously expensive operating costs schgedule delays. Companies have gone under for less.

True, clean hard grey rock, angular aand yet not brittle, is the holy grail of aggregates mining to most producers. It is desperatly difficult to locate adn even harder to permit. Costs are prohibitive. The two Hitch Rack applications are estimated to shave set Transit Mix back between $6 adn 8 million . Then legal costs, in this case over $2 million, and assorted other costs, make these projects not for the faint hearted.

Going into a 112C is a one way trip for most operators. It is a desperately difficult adn demanding permit, taking an average of 2 – 3 years, and forcing operators, their families and their private lives to the forefront in a withering assault of conjecture and speculation

which makes what happened at Hitch Rack all the more disturbing

Continental Materials uncovered sufficient evidence to point to a collusive relationship between the Senior Hybl, other members of the El Pomar Foundation, and Pat Meyer and others at the State. Money and influence are not strange bedfellows but there is something nauseating about the direction which this took, as the money and decision making moved through Governor Hickenloopers office, at the hands of his ‘trusted friend’ (ethics Hearing John) to the executive director of the Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety , Bob Randall

Bob was charged with making sure that the Board (the Mined Land Board) voted to deny the applications. But not to make it too obvious

“Remember boys, …we never spoke about this…” : the email content from one of the since destroyed email threads between Bob Randall and Pat Meyer alludes to the underhand dealings in pursuing a persona agenda using the influence of very private and very well heeled money

Yup it gets a lot better ….but lets have a brief station break forst …becasue these people are exceptionally influential to the extent that thy consider themselves completely above adn immune from any legal sanctions or actions against them arising from their actions. And that has been demonstrated with compelling clarity in the aggressive, malicious and outrageously abusive tactics they use against those that they wish to silence

Like me

for example

Yep I sure do have a big mouth

Jan – are you listening (hes the CEO of Lafarge)

And the rest of you – stop hammering me. Stop hammering my family. It speaks volumes to your OWN guilt in the extaordinary steps you are prepared to go to to assure that your agendas are met, your secrets remain secret adn the pathologic arrogance you display in comletely usurping the standard of review adn perverting, contorting it adn twisting it in order to try to distort, deny, adn conceal the facts.

Having the FBI on your payroll is particuarly impressive.

So naturally, you don’t like to hear that some loud mouthed broad is mouthing off about your shennanigans and if shes allowed to continue there is a possiblity that people might actually find out what yuve been up too, adn what you really do with the money that your fondation receives, William.

Becasue nothing Sir is more offensive to me, adn I want you to read this twive, there is NOTHING more offensive to me than a law enforcement officer, who has determined that the best use of his badge is to use that position to bully, intinimdate, harm, harass, destroy adn in flict as much retaliatory harms as piossible on

Just as, in fact, you folks have done to me, my family, adn interestingly enough, teh next 112C application to follow hard on the heels of the thwarted Transit Mix Hitch Rack Application

Sure you can destroy me financially, just as curiously enough, threats issued by a certain individual foretold. You can leverage your considerable influence as a SEATED membr of teh prestigious, US Dept of Justice, Public Policy institute, you can engage every single dirty trick in the book to harass, hamper adn harangue , and eventually, should I lash out r object to the contrant barrage, I am then told that that is unacceptable behavior and issued a restraining order.

Which effectively sodomizes mey remaining options.

So yes, you have destroyed my company, together with your colleagues, all of whom will get credit. You have engaged in a campaign that borders on obscene in the flimsy veiled capriciousness, teh third world hostility youve leveled against my children, livestock, pets adn of course, the jewel in the crown of hard rock mining. Potentially the single largest hard rock quarry anywhere in the Unitd States, RedeX was teh lifeline to teh construction industry. And between them teh state adn several agencies, acting in conert with a number of obscenely wealthy persons whose only agenda is power and control at any cost, regardless, and you threw everything you could find t me to stop me.

becasue God knows you dont want a fiucking girl with a rock quarry and certainly not one that might actually know what she is doing.

Of course I cant call local law enforcement nr the FBI locally. They are so wrapped up in the same sheets as you lot they are going to smell like french tarts for a week.

Here is what I can do

I can let the people of the State know precisely what this abortion you signed off on John, will cost them as we move through this nightmare. I can explain in detail exactly what the bottom line cost is to every man woman and child, the cost in terms of increased carbon emissions, the cost in terms of the increase in the construction price index, the increase in operating costs, increased accidents, less employment, more pollution, increased impact to wildlife, less funding for schools and transportation and a reciprocating increase in taxes to offset the climbing commodities prices, I can spell out to each and every person through the state what it means to force me out and to do so in such a vulgar and underhand way, how it nt just undermines the confidence anybody has in any facet of law enforcement, of the judiciary, but the casual apathy that follows. The disaffectiveness as people start to rationalize, as the inference is three fold

  1. if they can break the law, then why cant I? (the two tier rule)
  2. why should I even bother trying to (invent/believe/attempt to succeeded or anything else to further my station in life if there is a hierarchical structure of the wealthy upper echelon already in place that says, No, that far enough, I think we shall take everything you’ve worked for all your life and strip you of everything n you’ve built
  3. and perhaps the worst – this flagrant and shocking assault on the people of the state is perhaps nowhere more evidence that the brutal denial of their right to even speak about what they know. Such actions by those in charge of the courts and judicial system, who employ tactics of fear and bullying using the courts as a method to achieve their monstrous agendas, are betraying every single one of us. It doesn’t take many to stand against them and say, No.

No Bill, John Pat, Bob, YOU broke the law. I didn’t . Don’t try to twist it around. Dont try to smear me and slander and defame me, to trash my reputation, my economic and financial and physical health, to try to force a wedge between family bonds. No – *you* Sir broke the law.

you people, along with those in law enforcement, at the District and County attorneys office, along with all your minions, you are reprehensible and an embarrassment TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. you ARE SHAMEFUL AND YOU NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

You are thieves, common thieves. You are employing the police to engage as your private thugs to enforce your personal agenda. Knock it the fuck off NOW. Your little personal love fest is unsustainable because it is foundationally unsound.It cant support it own weight and your dealings will implode. Trying to engage in an old fashioned witch burning and besmirch my character in order to draw attantion away from your own unlawful activities is as old as it gets. Rape is still the only crime in which the victim is treated worse than her attacker.

I wont stand for it. I am here for the duration now kids. I am unable to leave. And thus, I have considered my options and in order to ensure that a shitstorm of such epic proportions doesn’t darken my doorstep again in my lifetime, nor that of my children, because SOMEONE has to stand up against all of you and tell you to back the fuck of and sit down and quit fixing tickets, because if I dont then who will, and for these and other reasons I am running as a candidate for Sheriff of Jefferson County in 2022

I look forward to being your next sheriff

Now – go vote

because Yes, it matters

more to follow….so so much more (sure does make those airplane rides look sort of innocuous dont it?) #cosenaterace #copolitics #hitchrack #mining #cosenate #cosenate2020 #corygardner #publicpolicy #independanceinstitute

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