HICKENLOOPER Senate Race 2020

So good luck today in the primaries John – you must have pretty thick skin given the thrashing I’ve taken from your friends at JeffCo, El Pomar and elsewhere trying to knock you out of the Senate Race and keep Cory in there. Lets face it – you would’ve made a lousy president. How do you sleep at night ? you just destroyed teh largest mining opportunity the United States has seen in over 50 years. RedeX offered a buffer against out of control inflationary spending and teh very first green mining operation thatthe world has ever seen . Yep – it actually cut the carbon footprint significantly adn reduced platform emissions in your non attainment area youre always bitching about. And what about the fact that you are shoveling critical strategic reserves at your friends with the French accent as fast as you can go – you have some splainin to do my friend

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