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The Gravel Club is a trademarked and copyrighted item that is registered under the Elk Creek family of companies. APPLICATION HERE

FREE GRAVEL ” The Gravel Club is a membership Program designed to give those eligible members, who live in the area in and around the active mine and gravel pit at Shaffers Crossing, access to free gravel. The Gravel club was formed in 2018 in order to allow us a way to say thank-you to the community for allowing us to have an active mining operation right here within this community where we all live and work.”

Gravel Club 2019

APPLICATION FORM HERE The way it works is easy –

  1. show us some form of proof that you are a resident living in the area around the quarry, and either swing by the office to fill out a 2 page application or download the one online here, and email it to our office.
  2. Once we have you approved, we will issue a card (no, it isn’t laminated). It usually takes just a few minutes.
  3. Next bring your pickup truck (sorry, no trailers or sideboards) into the quarry in the normal traffic pattern. We will load you with several of the eligible products and weigh you out.

Your rock if free. Yep. no money. None – your rock is free because you trusted us in allowing us to mine actively right here in your community. In return, e want to be able to say thank you to the community here that allowed us to do so. We think you should benefit from having the quarry here.

So we offer you gravel as our way of ensuring that you share in the benefits of our mining activity here within your community.

We have a few restrictions: the aggregates we offer are limited to those mined from the native rock right here at our mine site, so any imported materials are excluded. We generally don’t offer free product on weekends. Some products may be restricted, e.g., 3/4″ crushed grey aggregate, if it is all sold ahead, or otherwise reserved, so call ahead to check availability. We reserve the right to refuse to load certain vehicles and suspend the members membership for any reason. There are no limits on the amount of material you can pick up under this program. However, this program is a privilege offered strictly to those persons living here within the community where the mining takes place. If we start to see repeated abuses of the Program, we shall simply suspend it. We work very, very hard every single day, to ensure that you get the benefit for allowing us to mine here. Simply put, you trusted us, so we trust you. We want to keep offering this Program so we ask that you follow the rules, maintain safe and considerate behavior at the yard, and enjoy access to the very finest rock products along the Front Range.

The following products are free to eligible members approved to receive them under the Gravel Club Program:

  • class VI ABC (roadbase)
  • crusher fines
  • #57 stone (1 inch)
  • 1-1/2″ stone

Materials are available while supplies last.

Not available on Saturdays, weekdays only. In case of materials shortages or other, paying customers come first. Our terms are not negotiable. No over-loads and do not clean your load on the scale or block the ROW, no horseplay, stay in your vehicle, AT ALL TIMES – don’t try to boss the loader operator or the scale operator around and please drive SLOWLY, stopping and waiting for equipment loading trucks until the loader operator signals that the passage is clear and motions you to proceed.

My customers are very important to me, and so are my staff. Please use some decorum around them, and be gracious. We care about your safety and I care about theirs. They are extremely hardworking people and they may not always be able to see you behind them in their blind spot. So if you park behind them, they will leave a permanent impression in your vehicle – we are not responsible for any damage you may incur while at or following your visit to the quarry and we want you to come back so please take care and slow down.

Read our SAFE LOADING PROCEDURES Flyer for more details.

Elk Creek operates its Shaffers Crossing facility under 30CFR Part 46 Federal Mine Safety and as such ALL visitors to the quarry, without exception, must comply with these regulations for their own safety. Persons found violating safety regulations and policy at the Quarry will have their loading privileges revoked and be asked to leave.