Luxury Pool Stone – Incomparable Beauty

$2 million natural features luxury swimming pool

elements. elevate

Zuni stone has a feature not found in any other type of rock when laced in a water based environment with water flowing across it – it appears to move….. teh stone appears to be alive graceful or gyrate and hover in a manner that almost appears to have life breathed into it?

How is this possible?

” These magical effects come from a strange illusion that the rock manages when it is submerged under running water. This symbiotic arrangement allows the stone to appear active and alive. The illusion comes from the many linear elements throughout the stone that form a twisting undulating dance, at once a myriad of optical and fantastic shapes that fool the mind into believing the stone is actually alive.

Will Clay, new architectural themes

Zuni stone, the stone that dances, is only available in limited quantities and this phenomen

al natural art work can retail well in excess of $1000 per piece. Shipping is available globally and our pieces are handled carefully to ensure minimal scarring and damage during transit.

dancing stone? rocks that move and are alive?

you are limited only by your own imagination ..

evocative, timeless pieces like this will not last forever. we can assist in teh logistics arranging shipping, placement and incorporating providing design assistance and more to ensure that you achieve perfection in your next masterpiece. Call us for a catalog. Speak to a representative and ensure you dd the very pinnacle in elegance and classic beauty to your collection