GRADATIONS & alternative testing techniques

Test results are available at this location; additional test results are available from our office. Individual requests must be reviewed/ approved. Please complete a request and include your name, company, project ID number (Job #), Owner or Agency, project name.

Other project specific testing methods are available upon request (scroll down).

Lab testing may include (not all results may be immediately available)

  • Los Angeles abrasion Index C535 (atterburg)
  • sieve analysis/gradations per ASTM classification system
  • moisture density or other modulus (compacted – proctor and loose)
  • confined compressive strength (cylinder core strength, UCCS)
  • sodium sulphate soundness
  • plasticity index
  • absorption (%)
1-1/2″ crushed grey aggregate (1/2019)
#57 (1″ nominal spect ASTM ) crushed grey aggregate (2/2019)

Specialized testing specific to certain projects may be available; please contact a sales rep for more details

GOLD testing

In determining alluvial sources using stream sediment analysis we conduct Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, fire assay, in addition to other methods to determine source location, offset desistance, relative concentrations and other criteria. Please contact us for details


Note: we test products as part of our engineering recommendations relating to subsurface bearing course capacity determinations and other geomechanical criteria, for example recommendations relating to pit limit design criteria, highwall recommendations, etc. Follow this link for details.

Additional services include

  • core drilling
  • stream sediment and surface sampling analysis (multi modal)
  • joint set analysis
  • stratigraphic section analysis arising from subsurface mapping including geophysical techniques including
  • a) seismic
  • b) micro gravity (non invasive) surveys