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  1. Hello
    I am interested in obtaining some pea gravel as a landing pad for a shed (12×24).
    I would need it before Monday 4/29. I can pick it up if it can be loaded to the back of my pathfinder.
    Please let me know!
    Thank you!
    303 269 9450

    • Hi Jennifer

      We have pea gravel (#4) instock at $54/ton FOB yard stock. The gravel club covers those products mined here at our facility We also have a variety of other aggregates, crushed stone and roadbase if those might work!
      Bring with you proof of local residency and we will get you signed up

      We are expecting 3 – 5 inches of snow on Monday so we may be closed if we see significant accumulations. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page

      Thank you

      Elk Creek

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