PORTABLE Aggregate Crushing Plant

1997 Cedarapids Rollercone Series II cone c/w liners at 78%, manganese, backing good, assembly mounted in conjunction with an

Eljay Triple Deck Screen c/w chutes, transfer apron, on same frame (yep. you’ll feel that in the morning)

(D Dillon engineering)

c/w liner at approx. 78% wear rem on manganese shell, excellent backing looks good, shims have some play remaining and this magnificent old girl includes tramp iron removal, and wishful distant cousin of a soft start. The truth is that this thing will last – and probably has – a whole lot longer and stronger than the digital Tier IV final crap you can get today. Hell, in the time it takes to read the start up sequence and re-set everything the crew on the Cedarapids already have 3400 ton on the ground adn are headed to the bar-n.

And the engineering on this thing …is an eclectic assortment of swedish prudence adn efficiency meets redneck relic from SE Colorado with a little bit of ranch hand and a whole lot of Mine Safety thrown in. (they never start out with that many handrails, but Jesus, by the time youre done, they look like they belong in some retro 70’s Parisian afterthought apartment building. The only thing missing are all the bed sheets)

At the Front of this charming piece of American ingenuity is the Cedarapids Jaw.

Gosh darn. I f*****g *love* this machine. If I could’ve married it I would’ve (but I would’ve cheated on it with the LT106 Metso, bad ass – and another Swede, which sort of offers the compelling commentary that people in Scandinavia have absolutely nothing better to do with their time that produce super models and rock crushing nerds). The nearest analogy that I can come up with is the 1986-88 old CAT 988H (?) or the old F250 Fords. Sometimes a designer just gets shit right, by golly. You simply cannot screw those things up. Sure I love digital, but there is something wildly comforting about tapping these old behemoths out, and the reassuring, rhythmical grind and crush of the primary, an old time half asleep feeding the jaw and two kids running wide open trying to keep up and keep the plant clean, and watching the temp gauges get close to the 208….209….2…it just never quite tips it. And you know if its going to because it talks to you a long time before it quits. well sometimes it don’t.

toggle plates are still pretty good. So is the shim. It hasn’t seen a lot of action since I started running my big mouth in sheer desperation as JeffCo and the State were on me like a bad case of COVID, more media than facts. DRMS has had their head so far up my ass they could see daylight for about a year and a half as everyone collectively tried to corral me out of the most lucrative mining opportunity that the State has seen in over 50 years. They conveniently forgot to pay me for a number of jobs and they manufactured whatever excuse they could to try and take what was left – I sure hate to see their parenting skills. Long story short it has turned me into a full time legal scholar, and having had well over $4 million in legal fees, costs, penalties and associated sanctions and so on, I’m afraid it literally stripped me of the remaining resources necessary to do the throwdown over the 112(c) (which is sitting as we speak safely wadded up in a couple of filing cabinets ready to go )

Its a shame. I was naive and short sighted enough to believe that it was all about the academic prowess and attention to detail and true to my engineering background I brought that thing to a perfect three decimal points, but sadly I am missing two essential components fundamental to operating a successful mining company in the State of Colorado and that would be money and a penis. Because God knows the State of Colorado and Jefferson County have proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that while they cannot run their respective health departments, they don’t give a hoot how much they have to spend to ensure that they do not have someone with a vagina running a hard rock quarry

(sorry I didn’t get the memo on the kickbacks John Bill etc., I’m sure you don’t mind if I find something creative to do with all the other technology I had come up with now since it’ll be a cold day in Hell before you sawed off **** get a g—-d— thing from me and I shall make sure it goes where people appreciate it. Sorry Justice dept. well not really since you were the one underwriting this colossal interference in the business profits, process, procedures and I have to assume that is the same way you were conceived – dad bought himself the easiest looking gal in the room. Cause Hey! why not huh. Which brings me to my next question – how in the f____ is it YOU are suing ME when I am not the one breaking the f******g LAW – YOU ARE???? Hmmm (120 assorted actions – mostly Jeffco – in the last 3-1/2 years) …I believe the logic is, if we cant force her to sell, by golly we shall just pile one meritless lawsuit on top of another over and over until she breathes her last. BTW have you found my late husbands records yet Mr Phil AG Weiser – remember – he was the ONLY PERSON YOUVE KILLED at DNR in 30 years and I was there, so yes, it happened, nice try, please locate them so I can sue you about him … and a lot of other stuff

Anyway – if these or anything else grabs you and you want a jaunt around this relic to trade war stories, please get in touch