PM and Construction Management, Engineering to include Mine Engineering, Mine Inspection, permitting, concrete mix design,   minerals evaluations, appraisals, minerals logistics and development surveys, plant design and evaluation, critical element and load design, electrical design for surface and underground mining operations including coal (longwall), power system implementation, power system backup design and install, system evaluation and load rotations, scheduling, pit optimization, ramp design, haul road and layout, high wall and overturning moment evaluations, structural geological evaluations on stratigraphy, localized and disseminated mineralization and recovery methods and techniques, placer plant optimization including gold recovery methods, wash plants, flotation chambers, airfield subgrade evaluations and design work, and more. 

Bridge Engineering and Inspection Services including abutment load calculations, failure analysis, joint crack analysis, constriuction inspections and design modifications or evaluations, load bearing calulations, beam setting evaluations


Reclamation studies, Resource management Services, conservation easement and more