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Are you building a new home, a commercial CDOT project? Do you have a DBE set aside to meet? Are you a homeowner looking for a yard of topsoil? or a family looking to build a sand pit for your kids? or perhaps you are a local in the area looking to resurface your driveway and wondering how you go about getting one of those good looking dump truck drivers in the area to show up with a tandem load of the best road base that the Front Range has to offer?

IT MAY SEEM DAUNTING. IT REALLY ISN’T. If you get in a panic – give us a call down here and you will get ahold of someone who knows what they are doing and will get you straightened out and get you the best prices and take all the surprises out of the process


  1. First check out our calculator. This will assist you in estimating just how much materials you may need for your project.
  2. Take the yardage calulator and covert to tonnage. All sands, gravels and rock products are sold by the ton. The only thing we sell by the yard (cubic yard loose) is much or topsoil. Multipy the cu-yds by the tonnage factor (Yes there is a test at the end of this) and you will have your tons.
  3. OK – now you have a handle on how much dirt or rock you need for your project, then lets take a look at how many trucks you may need. As a rule of thumb we do NOT deliver in end dump trailers to home sites along the 285 corridor. It just gets too plumb crowded so we stick to tandems and leave the big trailers to the highway projects and so on. a tandem typically hauls 14- 15 tons of loose gravel or road base and a tad less on boulders. These things are about the same size as a concrete trucks so remember they may not fit into all the places you can go with your average bicycle. So give them a good 65 foot turning radius. If you came up with 21 tons you will probably need two tandem dump trucks.
  4. We charge for delivery on each load – give us a call. We are really very friendly and we can help price your deliveries depending upon the jobsite location – we can also iron out any questions you might have or concerns about the delivery itself and we will work hard to accommodate your schedule
  5. Schedules and deliveries are subject to certain terms and conditions. Our truck drivers are really very good at what they do, but even they can’t work miracles. We dont do multiple dumps off of one delivery, just one drop per load. We dont guarantee tail gate spreads, and if the driver is there for more than ten minutes, you may incur additional charges, so we do encourage you to have a whole lot of teenagers or a skid steer to spread out your gravel. We are there to deliver it, not dress it up, take it out to dinner etc, just deliver it. We can get you some great recommendations on some of the very best dirt contractors anywhere on the Front range right here in your neighborhood who know what they are doing. Give us a shout. 303 816 4047. Title transfers at time of loading so the rock belongs to you when it leaves the yard – meaning if you order the wrong materials we cannot return the wrong materials and will charge for additional loads to be delivered. If you are in doubt at all, please take a moment to swing by the yard and take a look at ur displays which will assist you in determining what you need.
  6. Payment arrangements are made before the delivery at time of ordering. We accepts credit cards and cash or checks. We are working on adding a pay your bill online portal for your convenience. Credit card charges may incur a convenience fee. Accounts take 2 – 3 weeks to set up. Accounts not current may be suspended and service may be suspended together with other terms or select pricing on any accounts that are inactive for any reason. All Net 30 accounts require a current credit account on file no older than 2018 and in compliance with all our terms and conditions.
  7. All customers agree to comply with our terms and conditions in purchasing any materials and or services from any one of our facilities


We also offer portable crushing services and can manufacture spec (specification) aggregates from just about anything for any project where locally or throughout the mid West and from Montana to Arizona. We crush for the Federal Government, for the Forest service, counties, Road and Bridge and more. We can crush anything and we go the extra step and make sure that the product we are making for you is a) what you are expecting sadn b) what you can use. We care about our customers. We won’t tell you we can turn a pigs ear into a silk purse, but we can come a whole lot closer than most and we are very, very good at rock.Edit”CUSTOMERS Portal – ORDER HERE”