RedEx – Rethink Rock

RedEx is coming to the Front Range. visionary. game-changing – RedEx promises to change the way people think about rock along the Front Range and regionally. Think globally – Act locally. RedEx rethinks the way we have traditionally manufactured rock and answers many of the challenges that have faced the aggregates community and its producers for decades.

Each one of us, regardless of our politics, our gender, our living conditions, our age or demographic, each one of us, every year, whether we are in flying cars, or propelled forward by alternative energies, each and every soul amongst us uses between 8 – 30 tons a year of gravel (USGS 1997, 2011, 2016) That means that AT A MINIMUM there are an estimated 30,000,000 tons of gravel required just for everyday usage throughout the Front Range communities from Boulder to Parker and Highlands Ranch including the greater Denver metropolitan community and its suburbs.

It is unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if we are all living on the moon. We demand, as part of our day to day living, aggregates. Construction, roads, airports, hospitals, housing, medicines, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, mechanical items, cars, paint, stucco, – the list is endless. We mine the materials we need everyday.

And the US has some of the most stringent mining regulations anywhere in the world and within the US Colorado has some of the most stringent enforcements of stipulations currently enacted and proposed.

Lets meet the challenges right here in the beautiful state we call home. Colorado is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.

We are on the threshold of an exciting new era in a very traditional and intransigent industry and we are ready to rise to meet the future, ensuring that the ongoing need that humanity has for aggregates as part of our every day lives syncs effortlessly with new technology, innovative, exciting breakthroughs in engineering applications, and a compassionate, responsible and engaged approach to our environmental challenges.

RedEx rethinks aggregates.

RedEx rethinks rock and promises to transform the rock industry. Sometimes giant leaps are made by very small men. RedEx is copyrighted and trademarked as part of the Elk Creek family of companies. For access to the RedEx files please contact an authorized representative