BULLIED TO DEATH: How a Shocking Pattern of Harassment, Malicious Prosecution and Retaliation was levelled against the Sole Female Hard Rock Quarry Operator in an Effort to Constructively Terminate her, Remove her from a Highly Lucrative Opportunity and Force her out of Business, Financially Ruining her Immediately Prior to her Planned Retirement (4/14/20)

why whistleblowers are exposed to such an extraordinary level of personal risk and harm when attempting to do the right thing, in Colorado in 2020; it became necessary for strictly practical reasons, and for self preservation, for me to have to compile and upload some of this data in a last ditch effort to protect myself and my family. I have received death threats, in the last week, threats to kill my chidden, myself, and I can no longer tolerate these. I am absolutely terrified of the capacity of certain people involved in this nightmare to pursue an unbridled campaign of violence and retribution.

Im in the somewhat desperate position of being unable to leave the County, having weapons removed, having all my financial resorces removed or witheld even dspite the fact that the bulk of these actions are tortius and invalid per se, and neighte being able to secure the mandatory protections for which we are and were – collectively eligible oberthe last four – five years, hich we have asked for, begged and pleaedde thay law enforcement comply with the rule of law and intervene …. and nothing


just more litigation. more hateful harmful, malicious threats, posts online adn calls and texts. Posts recently in teh Conifer Bailey Friends Online, ironically encough, ventd a salvo of vitriolic venemous hatred and contempt, from people I have never met, adn including a woman who ws teh ex Deputy Director of the same Colorado Agency that issues me my widows benefit oce a month

“Your husband killed himself just to get away from you…”

I need help. I need support. I dont trust anyone anymore. But I dont know what to do . I got oblique threats alluding to my mother overseas.


Shes had a front row seat as this travesty has unfolded adn she is beyond appalled at the slimy underhand and factually incorrect unethical or illegal methods that the justice system has sought to employ to drive her daughter adn grandchildren into the ground. “Why cant you come home?” she asks. “Mum, I cant, because if I leve the US I will have a hard time getting back in and I may get deported”, I tell her. Its even worse than that, every part of me needs to leave but give the financial ransacking adn physical adn other abuses and never ending enforcement actions, its obvious that Jefferson County in concert with this genrtleman and others, won;t stop until I am dead

I can’t leave, because I can’t leave my kids and I need to try and offer them the paltry protection that we have left.

Its a hellish brutal choice. Flee to save myself, or remain and expose myself to the ongoing crucifixion these people have unilaterally determined is my lot in life, but at least be able to be there for my husband and my children in whatever way I can

My company is in tatters, my finances are obliterated, I have no credit, my reputation is destroyed and my assets are removed, liquidated adn illegally settled such that I am still left in a bind financially. I am isolated, my health is deteriorateing, adn I have no idea where to turn for help.

Im white, adn I am – or was – relatively well off – so ostensibly anyone that I ppeal to for help looks at me and says “hire a lawyer”

andthat is preciciely the problem.

Malicious prosecution such as the type we/ I have been subject too, is strictly that – malicious – it serves no public interest purpose, it doesn’t remove a criminal off the street. It is done poorly to deny the target any access to funds and to destroy their life, causing as much financial harm as possible

at least one man is already dead; I am in fear of my life, and I am in fear for the lives of my family, my pets – six weeks ago the brutality levied against my family for reasons that are noting less than punitive, forced me under extraordinary duress, to put to sleep my horse, a very old man, who had been with me through some very tough times for over 32 years.

The County seized the other horse, and last week or so ‘disposed of her’.

Let me say that again. The County took a healthy older mare from her only home she had ever known, and continued to pursue acts of appalling savegery against myself adn my family, well aware of the collateral damage such a vicious action would have against myself adn my kids

My horses were my life. Three days later, I was forced to remove the dead horse from our $170,000 Cleary barn, and dismember him in order to get him to fit in a crematorium. It was particularly vicious and showed me that there are no boundaries on the atrocities I can expect.

As such I am – reasonably – very very scared. We have absolutely nothing protecting us from someone who pursues violence as a means of securing whatever he needs. This person aligned himself with County law enforcement. LEO fractured my pelvis in solitary in 2013, causing significant long term injuries.

CROWDFUNDING PLEA Can you help us? Can you help me? lousy timing I know, but I need financial assistance so that I can at the very least try to pay for counsel. The reckless and endless war of attrition by litigation has taken its toll. We have nothing left. I couldn’t leave now even if I wanted too. Its destroyed the sale of the quarry as a backup plan to mitigate my losses. I started a crowdfunding (Link here) effort, a bit concerned that once again I am exposing myself to the haters’, but we are out of options. Jefferson County has a lot of cash they owe me, but they refuse to pay. So do several other State agencies. I am in front of the Mined Land Board this week coming up and expecting additional baseless denials, for which I will be then encumbered with yet more significant costs in Denver District Court, all in the middle of the Corona virus epidemic. Please – anything you can offer will help

Its getting very obvious that the abuse will be unrelenting so long as those in charge refuse to intervene. It seems that the persons in a position of authority have absolutely no intent to intervene and are instead ratcheting up an almost four or five year campaign of savage and inexcusable retaliatory behavior that would make the Luftwaffe proud.

It was 2017 when it began in earnest,

JCSO and Jefferson County by and through other agencies, made it apparent that they were pursuing a pattern of retaliatory actions against the Operator

Its little things at first, getting tickets, not being able to appeal real property taxes, and then the pattern becomes more pervasive, and there is a shocking and sickening arrest, similar in part to the one in 2013, despite the facts that indicate that there was a mistake.

The patent disregard for the Rule of Law spills over from the Adams County case, and is a slap in the face


Jefferson County in conjunction with a wealthy and very corrupt individual pursued a litany of actions when provided with an opening to pursue M; the suite of vicious and unsupported, frivolous complaints was clearly retaliatory as we will show and was designed to encumber M with as much financial harm and difficulty and destroy her capacity to operate. JeffCo had a financial incentive in pursuing the actions, and were also receiving incentives from others

Jefferson County pursues endless SLAPP litigation

39 – the number of hearings/appearances in 2018 in Jefferson County on a single matter alone

Jeffco denied protections to M for which she was eligible as a matter of law and instead offered her to her abuser for additional damages

ADAMS County DENIES Her the ability to Press Rape Charges

” Oh you don’t have counsel (for an unrelated matter, in hearing in Adams County, Magistrate Fatzinger, “don’t worry…you don’t need it…we’ll just (put) it all together under this ruling and I’ll rule on it together”

107 – the total number of hearings, enforcement actions and other encumbrances, delays, actions by County Govt representatives against M since 2013

Jefferson County Mountain Precinct has one of the worst records for unprovoked targeted campaigns of harassment and retaliation such as that they launched against Moores

Following her complaints alleged against the officer, no less than 4 other women came forward with similar complaints. when they saw the shocking way that M was treated, in retaliation for her actions, they were silenced


As horriffic as it sounds there is very little I can functionally or practically due to prepare for an (inevitable ) attack against my fmily or myself.

I have notified everyone I can think of. I am getting zero response from anyone. Its clear that this person has managed to exhaust any potential goodwill I might have built up in the community even faster that he exhausted my financial resources.

Discretion is the better part of valor. I therefore will not place all my cards on the table. I am about as hacked as a person can get, and Idbe pretty naive at this stage to believe that every platform I have access to is compromised, so no dice on layig everything out there.

Suffice to say I have a plan, not the greatest plan. I am trying to do this alone. But I have a pretty solid – 5 point plan, in an effort to restore some degree of sanity and common sense to the current chaos.

You can’t press charges against a police officer in Jefferson County, Adams County or any of the other Front Range Counties for rape, or assault or anything like that …they all stick together and protect each other….its very hard to get anything done…” (Rape Counselor (official) for JeffCo) (speaking on terms of anonymity

Jefferson County implements Campaign of Prosecutorial Misconduct forcing the death of one Horse and the ‘disposal’ of second healthy animal, for no reason


Grading Complaint Filed deliberately to Benefit Jefferson County & State Colorado without having an actual underlying Complaint

In response to what has clearly turned into a life-threatening situation and a desperate bid for survival by myself and my family, I started websites to give the issue the attention think it needs – eve n the midst of Coronavirus pandemic, the chaotic conditions make perfect cover for persons with a less than ethical agenda.

$3,121,000.00 plus or minus the legal costs and fees that repeated defense costs incurred due to American Legal System not allowing the prevailing party to recover legal costs in multiple actions

  1. JCSO
  3. COLORADO CORRUPTION as a matter of SOP at the Top
  4. CLEAN Air as a Diversionary Tactic
  5. ABBROACHMENT within the Mining and OIL and Gas INDUSTRIES
  6. TACTICS Used by Abusers, LEO, the WEALTHY and OTHERS to CONTROL, COERCE, SILENCE, and DESTROY Victims
  7. How Women in Colorado have been Relegated to a Second Class
  8. The true COST of RETALIATION
  9. Selective ENFORCEMENT of Statutes / How the Sheriffs Office and Justice Department Have turned into Agencies that the WEALTHY and CONNECTED Use to enforce their Own Personal Agendas against the Unsuspecting
  11. The Cost of a SENATE SEAT
  12. Abuse without OVERSIGHT
  13. Adams COUNTY Magical Mystery Boundary
  14. 501(c) and the Creative Way Money you Donate to Animal Welfares Agencies disappears
  15. The FLOWTHROUGH: the Cash Trail to Deceive Authorities
  16. HITCHRACK – She’s Back
  17. MONEY GRAB 101: What to do to get your PAC contributions under the Wire

PARTIAL LIST OF SPECIFIC EXAMPLES OF ABUSE or Specific Issues, Tactics Utilized designed to hinder, intimidate, financially or economically devastate and systematically destroy the Operator

Abuse came from several different areas including private parties, State Agencies, most typically Jefferson County but often in concert with other county agencies including Adams.

What was particularly shocking was the manner in which a well heeled businessman who had misrepresented the sale of a generator in 2015, was able to leverage his considerable resources, cash and connections, to pursue a campaign of unadulterated terror, threats and coercion against the Operator; she found herself as recently as just ten days ago once again cut off from financial resources immediately following a meeting this person had with representatives from Richie Bros Auctioneers.

There is clearly a nexus.

Following litigation the Operator leveled at JCSO, a deputy whom she was responsible for getting fired, and the BOCC, litigation she later withdrew given very serious threats and warnings she received ‘not to pursue (actions) against the sheriffs office f she didn’t want repercussions’, in the ensuring years retaliatory actions by the sheriffs office increased, gaining a lot of traction 2017. The compounded actions, have had their intended effect and send a chilling message which clearly says, do not pursue actions against the sheriffs office

“…. there are two separate legal systems, those for the wealthy and connected, for the powerful, people like me, who can afford to buy the justice (results) we expect, and then there is the legal system for the rest of you…..”

(M.K. 2017)