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Be patient. I have an assortment of hackers right now and it is infinitely more crowded on my modest assortment of aging hardware and thus its tough to wade through these people/ respond. Im doing my best


but heres how it works:

in order to comply with the enforcement action promulgated by the Great State of Colorado, as of 4/22/20, under the terms stipulated as part of the Bond forfeiture hearing, Elk Creek is not allowed to sell materials.

The BOND Forfeiture Hearing and decision by the Board was that Elk Creek was in violation of enforcement action 6/24/19 for which the Board had stipulated that under the enforcement provisions, Elk Creek as the Operator of Record comply with an enforcement action to pursue a 112(c) permit modification (conversion). As such all materials were transferred (subrogated) in lieu of sr lien position, to others.

This is not a formal sale so no weighing is taking place. Materials are ergo sold by volume. sales are pretty minimal. Significant excess paid in consideration of department of revenue assessments is still not offset and the State has declined to refund. So from where I am standing get all you can. In short:

  • come in very slow please
  • the guys are taking only cash or checks from locals. No checks from out of area. No credit cards. they have apparently been giving people the benefit of the doubt. that didn’t fly after last week or so a guy from Nebraska stiffed them so they are unforgiving if you have Nebraska plates. I guess just don’t stiff them
  • pickup trucks and trailers are pretty much the only hauliers being loaded, unless it is a local tandem and small product
  • you do not need to get weighed on the scale
  • since the guys at the shop are selling products and not Elk Creek, they hang out there for as long as they feel like then they leave. they usually start around 0800 hours. all other bets are off. I dont get to tell them what to do. I will not give out their phone numbers

What are they charging for rock?

whatever they want. I think they are still $5-$10/ton (roughly) (a la Jeffco pilot program ‘Plain Speech’ in re dissolution civil Unions 2018) LESS than the big quarries on the Front Range, loosely translated means don’t push them around. They could be sitting at home.


try Wayne with Alpine (720) 788 5800 or call Hal Quist (Phydeaux Digs) or try Blue Creek’s Jim Marzoni . There are a boatload of excellent outfits up here and I apologize to any one of them if I missed you . Give me a shout and well get you guys in touch with them

Why can’t I have credit like I did before?

Because we are not doing that anymore since the Great State of Colorado elected, after suing me and costing me in excess of $5.4 million in assorted legal costs, lawyers fees, etc., of some 120 assorted actions, stipulations or other, to further ensure that by filing assorted vexatious actions, that in doing so they could then further compound the damages by a) refusing to pay me monies that they were and are very well aware that they owed me and then b) compound the harm of vexatious litigation by, as a collateral consequence of such vexatious litigation, regardless of the fact that it is invalid, and baseless, then destroy our opportunities to secure certain funding and relief by both destroying my credit and placing me in violation of FAR Part 56, as a person ineligible for federal relief monies due to the nature of the vexatious and frivolous charges filed. (that’s OK – they are all in violation of the same federal statute, including the FBI which means each agency and person who is technically debarred can sit in the corner right along side of me – starting today. if that does not happen then I believe its time for an emergency injunction to block further ‘aid’/relief pending a full and complete criminal investigation of actions by each person/ agency ) 🙂


I hope that someone, myself or someone, obtains the final approvals but in such a way that the final approved application is highly considerate and careful in the development management of such a valuable resource such that they remember why they are doing this, and who it is for. It is so easy to focus strictly on the quarterly statements and the bottom line. If we exhaust the remaining reserves we have and do so with no consideration for the ground we are cutting into, if we waste the things we are given, we do not get a second chance. Close your eyes. Look. an old timer used to tell me that, he said Juliet, close your eyes and look at the ground and see it finished, see it already complete, and recovered from the shock and restored and you will know, you’ll just know (where to move dirt piles, where the rain was going to run, what would get pushed and what was OK not to push. I was going through the land the other day and a herd of 35 elk shuffled quietly around me, they were almost silent and I thought, if this is mining, if this is ‘disturbing the land’, Ill take it, because I never saw the land more at peace, and calm and in the rhythm of the movements we make as the mining moves slowly forward. Its humbling to me to watch the natural order of things find its own level and adapt and thrive. I wish I could do that as easily. I think that’s my greatest wish, to be able to heal in the ways the land can


Miller and Flint Offers exceptional engineering, phasing, mining and reclamation, planning and sectional and planar genomechanical 3D modelling following a fluid ‘unweighting and re-balancing’ of structural compoents as discreet elements ona quantum theoretical basis

Inital datum level established through the use of a drone with magnetic imaging to establish threshold elevations (datum = 0)

magnetic resonance imaging using a high definition enhanced suite of cameras, chromatograph or spectrophtometrically augmented,

combined with high resolution lasar imaging and impingement forcing discrete measurements and isolinear displacement analysis

modeling incorporates both elastic and inelastic and kinematic or shear deformational analysis, vector displacement, measured in (disrete moments elpressed as a vector directoionally, and an indicator of any change or displacement, rotation or shear potential in the ground)

offers a strong predictive model for the purposes of calibrating extraction models, blending and stripping, preproduction development, highwall displacement and structural deformities, particuarly in low structural solid, homeostatic or inelastic modules (pikes peak granite at our location is an awesome example of this) – lack of defomation

stress and strain variables for developing strongly sensitive overturning moment models, for predicting rotational slope failure, catastrophic events and deformational components prior to inelastic rapid expansion of a rock body


  • expert in directional blasting
  • expert in controlled blasting
  • expert in delayed and presplit (decoupled) blasting
  • expert in refractory and soft surface lateral decoupling
  • developed the DOUGLAS PRESPLIT
  • Strong Quarry blasting background
  • tunnel and adit development
  • controlled blasting in confined exposures
  • attenuation restriction and propagation deflection
  • attenuation modeling
  • blasting and relative attenuation levels as a method for determining yeild rates and swellage, specific R value, materials characteristics and other relative geomechanically criteria

Expert witness services

Mined land and Resource development service

mechanized and water jet assisted rotary head cutting

Permitting for Furture or existing mining operations

3 friends who get together and for m a loosely consolidated firm to study, describe, evaluate and inform on hard rock deposits. Lots of mining experience therefore started headed in the direction of Hard rock mining



COMING SOON! Convenient Open and Closed CONTAINER STORAGE together with COVERED and UNCOVERED RV, large or oversized vehicles, trucks, Boats, yachts, ATVs and more. We also do off site delivery to your construction site, event site storage, party’s, temporary storage a little closer to home. You want it – you got it. Reliable, clean, safe and insured


  • visionary artistic and entrepreneurial Architectural Services (building Container ‘little houses’ that are exciting, challenging, expressive on behalf of the new occupant, that incorporate ‘recovered’ or ‘repurposed’ materials as a central theme but offer a minimalism and structurally austere approach
    • Leeds compliance certified
    • min 43% salvaged or repurposed materials
    • the Daedalus effect (TM) (CM) (master craftsman AKA ‘lazy chicken construction’
    • not typically potable, installed as a one time use at Owners preferred location
    • may not meet residential code requirements in certain locations /counties (contingent upon prevailing local standards)
    • shipped essentially complete and ‘re-compiled’ at job site
      • Hesperus grade (underground/partly subterranean
      • Oceania grade (fully or partly submerged) (some restrictions
      • Icarus: the son of Daedalus who aspired to be a God and flew too close to the sun; in certain specific isolated locales a singularity develops, a nexus at it is at these connecting points, expertly arranged either as an isometric, raking and somewhat disjointed monolith, or as a worshipper, a frame that follows the sun during the day, and moon at night, endlessly, covering and securing the occupants from the direct rays

I think the architect that has had an overwhelming impact on my emotional accrual of structure and space as I learn and develop is Frank Lloyd Wright. There is a seamless infinitely easy elegance in the grafting of light water and motion, trees, stream the surrounding biosphere. its uplifting in a way I cannot measure in words