Elk Creek has a Commercial quarry and landscape facility located approximately 45 minutes southwest of Denver serving Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey and locations throughout the front range.

Trucking and delivery are available.

We are a diversified MWBE SBE DBE contractor offering a variety of products and services throughout a broader national region, focusing on the Colorado Front Range, specifically tailored to allow COR’s, government entities, prime contractors and others to meet disadvantage contractor goals (set aside goals). As a certified diverse supplier to the Federal, State and local municipal marketplace, contracting officers/purchasing managers may be directed to our certification/past performance/experience page here and for our main multistate multi jurisdictional and other certifications please click here .


we can haul out of any locations throughout the state and provide aggregates and certain other products and logistics/delivery and offer these as a quoted line item to general contractors, Primes, Owners and CORs under certain setaside programs. This allows the GC or other to meet their disadvantaged contractor goals on a ceryain project without sacrificing quality or time and at highly competitive rates. Talk to a sales rep regarding this program and how Elk Creek can assist you in meeting your federally mandated DBE goals on your project

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